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Lucha Libre World Cup Preview Part 4 (with predictions)

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Alright guys, we've finally arrived to the final part of the Lucha Libre World Cup preview. Today, we're going to take a look at the last two teams, and then give some quick predictions for the show. Are you excited?! You best be. Let's not waste anymore time. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Lucha Libre World Cup Preview Part 4 (with predictions)

Team AAA


El Hijo del Fantasma: Son of luchadore Fantasma, has worked with CMLL, currently working in AAA and Lucha Underground, where he goes by the name King Cuerno. Current AAA World Cruiserweight Champion, and the first after unifying the belts last August.

El Texano Jr.: Son of former CMLL, AAA, WCCW and WCW wrestler El Texano, brother of Super Nova. Was the longest and youngest reigning AAA Mega Champion in history. Was 2015 Rey de Reyes winner. Currently wrestling in Lucha Underground.

Psycho Clown: Son of Brazo de Plata, who was known to WWE fans as Super Porky (that sound you hear is me angrily shaking my head at Vince McMahon). Leader of the Los Psychos Circus stable with Monster Clown and Murder Clown, where they are in their second reign as AAA Trios Champions. Also worked for CMLL. Looks like Doink the Clown, acts like a cross between Doink and Pennywise.

Wrestler You've Heard Of

Fantasma. With Psycho Clown having no appearances in the American wrestling landscape, that leaves Fantasma/Cuerno and Texano to duel it out here. And while Texano has the AAA title reign (definitely noteworthy), his LU run has's been the equivalent of David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue for movies that sucked. Sucked may be too strong of a word for Texano, but he hasn't been as good as hoped. Thus, Fantasma/Cuerno takes this spot, as you've heard of him and he hasn't disappointed. Plus, now you'll get to see how different Deer Antlers is in a non Deer Antlers role. Fantasma is actually supposed to be more his identity than Cuerno is (the only reason Fantasma didn't use his AAA name in LU is because of copyright issues), so consider this a first look in how he actually performs most of the time.

Alternate Universe Fantasma

Chance of Victory

Good. Very good. The group is made up of three solid AAA stars, Texano and Fantasma come in white hot from their AAA runs and they're based in the promotion running the event. They're at least getting into the third place match up.

The Dream Team


Alberto El Patron: Son of Dos Caros, nephew of Mil Mascaras, biggest star in lucha libre today. The current AAA Mega Champion, former two time WWE Champion, former two time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Royal Rumble winner, Money in the Bank winner, numerous other accolades. Wrestled for CMLL, currently also wrestling in Lucha Underground. The man, as if you couldn't tell.

Myzteziz: Brother of AAA and Lucha Underground star Argenis, cousin of luchadore Magnus, nephew of CMLL booker Tony Salazar. Was the biggest star in lucha libre in the mid 2000's while wresting for CMLL as Mistico, and was considered by many to be the best wrestler in the world. Voted biggest box office draw  of the decade by the Wrestling Observer. Wrestled for WWE as Sin Cara.

Rey Mysterio Jr.: Nephew of Rey Mysterio Sr., debuted at only 14 years old. Wrestled for WCW and WWE in the United States, where he won three world titles, four tag team titles, two Intercontinental titles and a record setting eight cruiserweight titles. Returned to AAA this year to finish his career, rumored to be heading to Lucha Underground. Considered by many to be one of the greatest lucha libre stars of all time.

The Dream Team
Wrestler You've Heard Of

Mysterio. It's not a landslide, as all three men have wrestled in the states, and El Patron is widely well known here himself (and is definitely a bigger star in Mexico right now). But there's no comparing to Mysterio. He wrestled here in the states for almost 20 consecutive years, revolutionized the way Americans say lucha libre and is certainly a sure fire WWE Hall of Famer sometime down the road if he wants it. Hell, I've been watching Rey since I was a kid, first seeing him in WCW. This is the most well known guy not just on this team, but in the entire tournament. I expect he and El Patron will be the biggest reasons people by this show.

Chance of Victory

If these guys aren't the favorite, I don't know what you're definition of favorite is. This team will make the finals at worst, and I'm just being kind to the other teams in setting expectations that low.

Alright, there's a breakdown of the teams. Now let's predict the matches!

Top Bracket

Dream Team vs. Team Noah

Poor Noah. I had them as a semi finals team when I first started this breakdown. I was wrong. I'll literally move to Tokyo if the Dream Team doesn't pull this one out. Winner: Dream Team

Team AAA vs. Team ROH/LU

Unfortunate luck of the draw here for ROH/LU. They could've been a second round team against Noah, All Japan or TNA/LU. Alas, they'll have to settle for going home early. Unless you're really expecting AAA to get rid of their own team in the first round. Winner: Team AAA

Bottom Bracket

Team All Japan vs. Team MexLeyendas

Yup, they put the two oldest teams against each other in the first round. Who could've possibly guessed that?! I would say this would likely be the worst match of the opening round due to everyone's age, but after watching L.A. Park vs. La Parka last night, I'll never doubt anyone regardless of age again. Probably why I'm going with the oldest team for victory. Now get off my lawn! Winner: Team MexLeyendas

International Dream Team vs. Team TNA/LU

We're in biased territory! To be honest, I don't need to be biased to know that the International Dream Team is taking this one. I said yesterday that I don't foresee Team TNA/LU making it too far, and I especially don't see that now that they're going up against a team with two of LU/AAA's hottest stars right now. Looks like I'll be cheering on into the second round! Winner: International Dream Team

Second Round

Dream Team vs. Team AAA

That's right, we're getting a match that looked like a finals contender in the second round. Well done AAA, way to throw some unpredictability into the mix. I'm very tempted to take a risk here and go with Team AAA with some sort of screwy finish (all three guys are rudos after all), but how on earth can you possibly bet against the Dream Team?! There's a reason it's called the Dream Team after all. Thus, barring plan to jumpstart a huge Triplemania feud here (which they can do later anyway), the top seed gets to the Finals. Will be an awesome match, potentially the best of the night. Winner: Dream Team

Team MexLeyendas vs. International Dream Team

I think most people will go with the MexLeyendas here, so the fans can see a spirited, fitting finale between the present day stars of lucha libre vs. the past. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! I think AAA knows the best way to generate an electric atmosphere for the Final is to have the rudo team get a cheap victory to put more fans on the side of the Dream Team. Thus, look for El Mesias to do something dastardly, and look for the International Dream Team to make it to the finals. I'm totally not being biased and living in a dream world right now! Winner: International Dream Team

Third Place Match

Team AAA vs. Team MexLeyendas

The legends are taking this one in a close bout. What, they're going to get something, might as well be this one. Look for a big Triplemania feud to start from this. I'm going to say Dr. Wagner vs. Fantasma. Winner: Team MexLeyendas

Championship Match

Dream Team vs. International Dream Team

It will be electric, it will be fun, and it will be the top contender for match of the night, along with the Dream Team-Team AAA match. I expect we'll see a sudden death period here as well, likely between El Patron and El Mesias. Who wins? As much as I'm rooting for the International Dream Team and as tempted as I am to say they sneak out a win to a massive chorus of boos, I can't go against the favorites. There would have to be a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, Triplemania angle planned, and there's nothing I can see them doing here that they can't do with a Dream Team victory. So I'm going to play it safe, pick Patron to beat Mesias in sudden death, leading to the glorious kick start of a Patron-Mesias angle that leads the Triplemania main event. Man, do I hope I'm wrong here (GO INTERNATIONAL DREAM TEAM!). Winner: Dream Team

There you have it guys. That will wrap up the Lucha Libre World Cup preview. Be sure to tune in tonight at 7 P.M. EST on IPPV to catch all the great action. I'll be back tonight with something non lucha libre related and will have full analysis on the World Cup tomorrow, perhaps even a running diary (depends on if I can watch the show tonight or if I have to catch it tomorrow). Till then, DUCHOVNY! Alright, so I didn't go that deep with the closing line this time.

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