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The Top Ten Lucha Underground Matches of All Time! (through seven months)

After giving you guys a glimpse into Lucha Underground yesterday, I thought to myself, why not do more of the same today? That's exactly what I'm going to do, by counting down the ten best matches the LU has produced in its short, but excellent run. I can't promise that your favorite match will be on here, so please, don't take it as a slight if it isn't. Other than that, sit back, relax, pop open another can of Pizza Pringles, and refrain from watching that Angelico clip yet again. Don't worry, it's coming at some point. On with the show!

The Top Ten Lucha Underground Matches of All Time! (through seven months)


Fenix vs. Drago vs. Pentagon Jr. (11/12/14)

The main event of the LU's third episode, this match served as the first appearance in the Temple for three luchadores who are now top ten level stars. While Pentagon Jr and Drago merely impress though, the star of the show is Fenix. His performance in this match is reminiscent of WCW era Rey Mysterio; he literally jumps off the screen with almost everything he does. It's no surprise he got the win here and the two biggest spots of the match; a springboard cutter that turned announcer Matt Stryker into a fist pumping machine, and a falling cross body off Cueto's office. That's right, Fenix was jumping off the thing before Angelico made it cool. Here's proof.

Sick nasty


Last Man Standing: King Cuerno vs. Drago (1/21/15)

The final match of a brutal feud that saw both men trade wins, both men stalking each other, and Drago diving off Dario Cueto's office to splash Cueto through the table. He doesn't do anything as impressive here, but Drago is effective as the resilient babyface, while good old Deer Antlers provides his usual blend of psychology, methodical wrestling and his bad ass suicide dive (Daniel Bryan wishes he got the distance Cuerno does). The finish may be anti-climatic to some, but I thought they handled it well with Cuerno pulling Drago down with rope as opposed to just tying him up and leaving him to struggle. Even if you don't agree, the rest of the match deliver, and best of all it left both guys on a good path. Cuerno would use the momentum to head right into a strong feud with Johnny Mundo, while Drago moved on to his best of five series with Aerostar, resulting in a LU title shot for him this upcoming Wednesday.


Triple Threat Trios Match: Cage, Texano and King Cuerno vs. Big Ryck, The Mack and Killshot vs. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico for the LU Trios Championships (4/22/15)

If the match that featured Angelico's "Death from Above" (that's what I'm calling it unless someone has a better suggestion) is the main feature, the one that preceded it is the short film. The funny thing is, this match is probably better than the now famous follow up from a moveset standpoint. Everyone delivers, whether it's Cage with a sick moonsault, Cuerno doing Cuerno things, The Mack continuing to make the WWE look stupid for letting him go, Killshot quietly nailing some impressive moves (the man is seriously underrated) and our future Trios Champions delivering like they always do. This match was incredibly fun; it just doesn't have the storytelling and the "HOLY GOD, DID ANGELICO JUST DO THAT?!" spot that the match that followed did.


Angelico vs. Aerostar vs. Argenis vs. Cage (1/14/15)

Much like Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr vs. Drago, this match served as an introduction for these four guys. Where that match was a bit slower than expected, this fatal four-way is straight up balls to the wall. In this match, Cage is the one who gets the spotlight, and doesn't disappoint while showing off his impressive poor man's Brock Lesnar routine. Anyone disappointed with Roman Reigns' lack of ability in WWE will find it refreshing to see such an impressive physical specimen like Cage be as good in the ring as he is. Of course, the star of this match in the long run may in the end be the current man of the hour Angelico. He doesn't do any death defying 30 foot leaps, but I'm pretty sure this move is no slouch.

That's right, he clears the turnbuckle!

 Seriously, have you ever seen anyone as athletic as this man? What can we do to get Angelico to play Superman one of these years? People will legit believe a man can fly then.

Son of Havoc vs. Angelico (3/25/15)

Since coming into the LU, Son of Havoc had watched his career nosedive from loss after loss, each defeat leading to a scolding from his girlfriend Ivelisse. Things would get worse when Angelico got involved, trying to further drive a wedge between the troubled couple. After helping Ivelisse defeat Angelico, only to get no credit, Havoc set out to defeat Angelico and prove his worth to himself, Ivelisse and the fans. The result was a tour de force match, with some of the best storytelling the LU has offered to date. Everyone played their role to perfection, whether it was Havoc as the desperate man going all out for victory, Ivelisse as the annoying, condescending girlfriend holding back or Angelico as the Evel Knievel of pro wrestling.

The best part? The ending.  After a quick battle for position atop the turnbuckle, Havoc knocked Angelico back into the ring. Instead of finishing him off however, Havoc grabbed a microphone, and proceeded to call out Ivelisse for holding him back. He then dumped her, and followed up with a shooting star press to Angelico for the win, getting one of the loudest pops in the Temple to date. On a night where both the Lucha Underground Championship and the AAA Championship were defended, it was Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico who stole the show with storytelling and excellent action. It wouldn't be the last time.


Ladder Match for $100,000: Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma vs. Big Ryck

This match has gotten lost in the shuffle the past few months, likely because a) so many good matches have happened since then and b) Big Ryck, who isn't exactly Angelico in the ring, was involved. But even though none of their individual matches made the list, Puma and Mundo always have delivered against each other, and here was no different. Wisely, Ryck's involvement was kept mainly to brawling, while the major spots for him were taken by The Crew (still aligned with Big Ryck at the time). Combine all that, and you have yourself an excellent ladder match, as well as one of the longest non Aztec Warfare matches the LU has had. And honestly, when has there ever been a bad ladder match? Besides one that involved Kevin Nash.


Cage Match: Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno (3/11/15)

After a month long feud that included an ankle injury and a brutal no contest, Johnny Mundo and King Cuerno decided to settle their differences in the LU's first ever steel cage match. What you'd expect to be a brutal affair was instead more akin to the famous Bret Hart-Owen Hart cage match, with more technical, lucha libre action than blood. In the end, it was a wise decision, as both Mundo and Cuerno are able to play to their strengths. Also, Mundo does a sick corkscrew moonsault off the cage to win the match. Bring on the Wayne's World gif!


Aztec Warfare for the Lucha Underground Championship (1/7/15)

For the first show of 2015, Lucha Underground decided to crown its first ever world champion with a twenty man battle royal onscreen boss Dario Cueto called Aztec Warfare. Sounds a lot like the Rumble right? Not so fast my friend; whereas the rules of the Rumble have you winning by tossing your opponents over the top rope, Aztec Warfare required each combatant to be pinned until there was one man left. Talk about a way to crown your first LU champion. Taking the entire episode to complete, the mega battle royal lived up to the hype, featuring the usual great lucha action, the entertaining chaos that has helped make the Rumble so popular, and a final four that included the LU's four biggest stars at the time; Mil Muertes, Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma, and Sexy Star. That's right, a woman made it to the final four. Awesome. In the end, the LU made the correct call with the result, and Prince Puma would go onto eliminate Mundo to become Lucha Underground's first, and thus far only, World Champion.


Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico vs. The Crew for the LU Trios Championships (4/22/15)

You didn't think I was leaving this off did you? Yes, part of the reason is most certainly Angelico's "Death From Above." But you cannot deny the story this match tells. Picture this; a trio of enemies are forced to team together by their corrupt owner in order to win the newly created Trios Tag Team titles. When they somehow accomplish that goal, they are then forced by said owner to defend the belts immediately against the most destructive three man unit in the promotion, who are absolutely fresh. Oh, and one of the members of the team has blown out their leg for real, adding an inadvertent obstacle in the trios way. Now picture that team, despite all the obstacles and all the tension, fighting, scratching, clawing and yes, flying their way to victory against all odds. That, more than any dive Angelico, Son of Havoc or Ivelisse could've made, is why this match is here. It's the second best story Lucha Underground has told in their existence. Oh hell, let's show that gif again!

Grave Consequences: Mil Muertes vs. Fenix (w/Catrina) (3/18/15)

Only a special kind of match could knock the Trios match to second place. This match, a coffin match given the title of Grave Consequences, is that match. You have never seen a coffin/casket match quite like this one. The story leading in was to die for; a monster looking to get revenge on the woman he loved and the man that stole her from him, a hero looking to stake his claim as the next big star in wrestling, while also trying to survive. The match was even better. Blood was spilt and tasted. Masks were shredded. Risks were taken. By the end, Mil Muertes has beaten Fenix to the bloodiest of pulps, and yet it wasn't enough. Fenix kept coming and coming and coming, and ultimately he prevailed with the help of Catrina, Mil's former squeeze who till the end was as trustworthy to both men as Alex Rodriguez is to a drug test.

And in the end, that's enough to make this Lucha Underground's best match. Yes, I will concede that the Trios match produced a better moment, and in the end may in fact be more memorable because of Angelico's dive. But even with that dive and that story, it's not enough. Grave Consequences was a brutal affair, the kind of wrestling match that sticks with you, the kind of match that pioneers future matches of its kind. This was by far the best coffin match I have ever seen, and it's by far the best match I've seen this year, with all apologies to Seth Rollins-John Cena-Brock Lesnar and the Trios match. That's enough for me. If it isn't for you, well, look at the other choices here. Each one is good enough to have us bowing down Wayne's World style. Don't believe me, just ask Vampiro.

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Watch all of the matches below!

Aztec Warfare

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico vs. The Crew
Fenix vs. Mil Muertes

Please change disks to continue...

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